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If India.Arie, Erykah Badu, Lauren Hill, ?uestlove, D'Angelo, B.B. King, Andre 3000 and Big Boi came together to form a super gospel group, the sound you would get would be Standard of Praise! In 2016 The Most High inspired pianist and composer, Aprille, and percussionist, Henry, to come together to minister music to the folds both inside and outside of the church. The pair fortified their strengths with the additions of vocalists: Alnansa, Jastyn, Chelsea, and Jamyia and bassist, Don. Together they wove the sounds of neo-soul, r&b, funk, rock, latin hip-hop, and gospel into an urban contemporary genre of its very own.

From humble beginnings in the home of boogie-woogie, Marshall, Texas; Standard of Praise has branched out to share their music in Dallas, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; and New York, New York. In 2018 they recorded the first installment of the world's only gospel music video mini-series with their debut song, "Breathe." Standard of Praise continues to go against the grain of producing "feel-good songs" by creating anthems that can serve as the soundtrack for warriors going through the struggles of life. They broach hardly discussed subjects such as domestic violence, child sexual abuse, and despondence.